Hebron Adult Coed Volleyball League

The goal of this league, above all else, is to be fun. Please utilize good judgment and sportsmanship during games. Gameplay will be as follows: We will play a 6 v 6 format. Service points only.No fewer than 3 females will be on the court at any time. More is fine, but not fewer. Games will be played up to 15 points. You must win by two points. First team to three wins, wins the match.


.09. Poles will serve at out of bounds on sidelines. Any ball that strikes the backline will be considered IN.

1.No player will be allowed to attack (spike) off of the serve.
2.Attacking (spike) is only permitted from the front row.
3.Blocking an opponent’s serve is not permitted.
4.After the serve, the ceiling is in play – walls are not.
5.The ball may strike the net on the serve as long as it clears to opponent’s side.
6.Teams must maintain a front row and a back row.
7.When making three sequential hits to get over, at least one hit by a female is required.
8.In blocking, a player may touch the ball beyond the net, provided that he/she does not interfere with the opponent’s play before or during the latter’s attack hit. After an attack hit, a player is permitted to pass his/her hand beyond the net, provided that the contact has been made within his/her own playing space.
9.Encroachment into the opponent’s court with any part(s) of the body is permitted, provided some part of the body remains either in contact with or directly above the center line, and there is no interference with opponents. In addition, completely crossing the center line with the foot, feet, or hands, or encroachment with other body parts, must not present a safety hazard to opponents.
10.Contact with the net is acceptable provided it does not interfere with play.
11.Server must firmly announce the score prior to service of each point.

*Violation of these rules will result in loss of possession.

First serve will be determined by either a coin flip or rock, paper, scissors match.
Each team will be allowed one (1) 30 second time-out per game.
Substitutions can be made either one for one or a full substitution so long as 3 females remain on the floor.

Since there are no referees, any questionable calls or disagreements will be handled by the team captains. If a resolution cannot be agreed upon, the game can be protested to the chair of the league. Remember that this is to be recreational, and fun. Finally, do your best to keep your language suitable for the listening ears of young children that will likely be within earshot.

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Hebron Adult Coed Volleyball League Rules