We, at Hebron Rec Sports, agreed that if we would build it, they would come. We did, and they did. We built the most fantastic Softball League this side of the Hockanum River. Not only did we pique the interest of the local papers, we also received testimonials from some of today’s hottest stars:

“This may be the greatest sports league in America”, Eli Manning – Greatest Living Quarterback.

“If I didn’t have this pesky contract to satisfy in New York, I’d be in this league” – Aaron Judge

“Sexy has come back to Hebron” – Justin Timberlake

After the overwhelming success that softball was, the townspeople, fresh with a deep and widening void, clamored for more.

As if acknowledging the need to answer the curtain call, Hebron Rec Sports has sprung into action. “Volleyball; we’ll do a volleyball league and the people will come”. While the maiden season sets off next week, the celebrity buzz has already begun.

When asked about his upcoming tour, Jay-Z said, “We’re going to make sure we go through Hebron to play a set or two”
“I’m definitely going to try to make a team, this year. A lot of you don’t know, but Jason Gentile, who is rumored to be playing in the league, was once a dancer for my Funky Bunch” – Mark Wahlberg.