Where fun was born. Hebron, Conn.

** THE 2018-2019 Volleyball season will tip off shortly **

Did your professional baseball career flame out in the farm system of your local little league 30 years ago?
If so, we’re here to nurture that dormant flame back to life in an environment that is relatively competitive and completely fantastic.

Softball will run from end of July through the end of August with two games per week. It’s never too early to form your team.
If you don’t have a team, you can join our free agents list and will be placed on a team.

In a similar fashion, did your AVP volleyball career flush out with too many cervezas on the California beaches about the same time Maverick and Goose’s did? Let’s get you back on the highway to the danger zone in an equally competitive and fantastic volleyball league.

Whether you want to be a hero or simply want a few minutes of cover from smaller versions of yourself that stalk you relentlessly to assault you with a seemingly endless barrage of questions, the oasis awaits.

The 2018-2019 Volleyball season will be off and running on Friday, November 30. If you have interest to play, please let us know.

Both of our leagues are coed and run the spectrum of talent. If you don’t think you’re the right fit, you’re likely wrong, unless of course, you’re a Red Sox fan.